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Newsletter - 31st October 2016

31st October 2016

Dear families, 

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to the new term at Nightingale.  As it is getting colder, children will be bringing in their winter coats, hats, scarves and gloves!  Please ensure that you label these items.  We do try very hard to find lost items and it does save time if clothing is named and has your child’s class on the tag.

Poppy Appeal

We are proud to be supporting the annual poppy appeal.  Poppies will be available in the playground in the morning.  In assembly, I have explained to the children the purpose of the poppy appeal.  I have also stressed that an appropriate contribution to the appeal needs to be made.  You are also welcome to join us at the Plumstead Common War Memorial on Friday 11th November at 11am to observe the two minutes of silence to remember and respect those who have given their lives in conflicts. 


I am afraid that I have had to cancel a paid trip that year two would have made to The Museum of London which would have cost the school over £100.  The reason for the cancellation is that we had not received enough contributions of £20 from each parent which would help us cover the costs of educational trips.  Please ensure you have made your £20 contribution so that we can continue to provide all children with a wide variety of learning opportunities.

Grow a ‘Mo’ for a ‘Bro’ 

Did you know that: 

  • 5% of men in the UK have experience of a mental health problem (although this is likely to be higher but men are notorious in talking about their feelings)
  • 78% of the 6, 233 suicides in 2013 were male.
  • 87% of those identified as ‘homeless’ in the UK are men.

The male staff (and the partners of female staff) will be raising money for The Matt Palmer Trust by growing moustaches!  This charity, supported by Nightingale, has been set up by a group of friends who sadly lost their friend, Matt, to suicide.  Their goal is to raise the awareness of mental health in main, to challenge the stigma of mental health in men and to provide help and support to men who have a mental health problem.

The Nightingale community will be able to vote for their favourite moustache at the end of the month.  The ‘best moustache’ will then win a prize! 

All monies raised will go to The Matt Palmer Trust.  You can find more information about The Matt Palmer Trust on our website or by typing this link into your search engine.

Roy Coleman