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Newsletter - 30th January 2017


School Uniform

We have changed our school uniform suppliers.  Caseys in Blackfen will now provide all our uniform needs.  There will be no increase in cost of school uniform.  This does mean that as of half term, we will no longer hold any school uniform on site.  You will be able to get school uniform by:

Þ Ordering directly from Caseys website— (A link to this will be placed on our website homepage).  Uniform can be delivered to the school or to your home.

Þ Visiting Caseys in Blackfen.  The shop will hold items of uniform for sale.

Þ Telephoning Caseys on 0208 8508645 / 07786 996443


It is always hard for us to meet the needs of all our families with regard to homework as some would like more and some would like less!  We expect the following to be done as homework:

Þ At least 20 minutes of reading each night

Þ To practice any spellings that are sent home

Þ To learn number bonds and multiplication facts

Children also have access to IXL via the internet.  We do not send home lots of sheets of algorithms or other such materials as this produces a lot of extra work for staff and  wastes a lot of paper.

Staff Changes

We say goodbye to Miss Megan Burberry and Miss Joanne Roose at half term.  I would like to thank them both for all their hard work and commitment to Nightingale Primary.  We also say goodbye to our computer technician, Mr Jamie Parker.

I would like to welcome Mrs Julie Cakebread and Mr Jack Bird .  Mrs Cakebread will be joining us as a teaching assistant in the nursery.  Mrs Cakebread has been previously working at Foxfield Primary School.  Mr Bird will join us as our new computer technician.

Half Term

The school closes to children on Thursday 9th February and reopens on Monday 20th February.  We are closed on Friday 10th February as this is an INSET day. 

Roy Coleman