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Newsletter - 20th October 2016

20th October 2016

Dear families, 

Team Nightingale

I’m very pleased to say that I will not be the only member of Nightingale staff running the marathon this year!  Mrs. Witham will also be running the London Marathon!  She is going to be raising money for Kings College Hospital.  It is great to know that the two of us will be able to run together and keep each other going.  Of course, any money we raise as a school will be split between the two charities.

Pupil Lateness

Pupil lateness has a significant impact on pupil progress.  Even being a few minutes late causes significant disruption to the class, the teacher and the individual pupil.  Please ensure your child is in school on time.


Earlier this year, I informed parents that Nightingale would no longer be able to subsidise clubs to the extent we had in the past.  I requested that ALL parents contribute £20 per child to a trip fund.  We would do this once a year and then not have to request further funds throughout the academic year unless it was for the residential stay in Swanage.  Of the 230 children in the school, only 48 have contributed £20.  I cannot stress enough that trips, which greatly enhance learning opportunities, are at risk of cancellation if we do not receive the £20 contribution from families.  I do not want to disappoint children but will have no option but to cancel trips if we do not receive the much needed contributions from you.

Late Fee

If you are late collecting your child, you will be charged £5 for each 15 minutes you are late.  This is to help cover the cost of staff having to remain behind to take care of your child.

School Uniform

As the colder weather approaches, please make sure that your child’s clothing is labelled.  This includes hats, coats, gloves and scarves.  A lot of school time is wasted trying to find the owners to clothing.

After School Club Snacks

Nightingale is a healthy school and we do not allow children to bring cakes, sweets or crisps as snacks to eat during after school club.  We are happy for children to have fruit or vegetable snacks. 

Please remember that school is closed from Friday 21st October until Monday 31st October.  Have a great half term!

Roy Coleman