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Newsletter - 19th January 2017


Starting on time

We are having a big push on punctuality this term!  There are still a lot of children who are arriving at school after 9:00am!  This has significant impact on learning and it prevents staff in the office from completing their work.  The gates on Bloomfield Road and Sandy Hill are locked promptly at 9:00am.  If the gates are locked, you will need to come to the school office to register your child. 

We will refer families to our Attendance Advisory Officer, Jan Livett, if children are continually late.

School Absence

Parents run the risk of a fine of up to £2, 500 per parent if their child has regular time off from school.  This mean that parents with two children at school could face prosecution and a fine of up to £10, 000!  It makes sense to make sure your child attends school each day.


It is always hard for us to meet the needs of all our families with regard to homework as some would like more and some would like less!  We expect the following to be done as homework:

Þ At least 20 minutes of reading each night

Þ To practice any spellings that are sent home

Þ To learn number bonds and multiplication facts

Children also have access to IXL via the internet.  We do not send home lots of sheets of algorithms or other such materials as this produces a lot of extra work for staff and  wastes a lot of paper.

Badge Winners

Thank you to all who submitted entries into our badge competition.  It was a very difficult job to choose winners from all the excellent entries!

The winners are:

Star of the Week—Ava

Dojo Master—Toby

Florence Nightingale—Alex M

Headteacher Award—Olivia

Well done to all!


Roy Coleman