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Newsletter - 8th May 2017

8th May 2017


Many of the children have been bringing Spinners into the school and have been using these during lesson times.  These toys are not to be brought into school as they cause a distraction and disruption to lessons.  I have asked staff to confiscate any spinners and an adult will need to collect them at the end of the day. 

Science Week

Our school science fortnight starts on Monday 15th May 2017; our theme this year is Space and beyond.  We will be learning about Space, astronauts and carrying out space themed  experiments throughout the two weeks. To celebrate our two weeks of learning, the children can come into school on Friday 26th May in a Space themed costume. We are looking for those children who are as creative in their costume. You could come as The Doctor, an astronaut, a dalek, an alien, a rocket or even the moon!  We will start the day by having a parade of all the costumed children in the playground.


I have asked Mrs Crawley, our Child Missing Education Officer, to begin to arrange meetings with those parents whose children are regularly late. This causes a massive disruption to the education of the child and makes unnecessary work for members of the office team. Please ensure your child is at school for 8:55am.

Online payments

For the past year, all after school club bookings and payments have been made by parents via the SchoolGateway app or website. This has proved to be a more efficient way of the school accepting payments from parents. We have now decided that after the half term holidays, all payments for clubs, dinners and school trips should be made via SchoolGateway. Therefore, if you have not already done so, please set up your SchoolGateway account now.

 Roy Coleman