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Welcome to Year 6!

Meet the Staff:

Class Teacher: Mr. Michael Gardner

Teaching Assistant: Mr. Chris Purchase

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This term is all about our own personal ambitions and goals in life. We will be writing:

  • Personal monologues 
  • Biographies on people who have inspired us
  • Letters to our future selves

As we come closer to the SATs tests, we will be recapping a wide range of grammar and punctuation including: active/ passive voice; changing tenses; prepositional phrases; expanded noun phrases and progressive tenses.


Our main focus for the term will be on several key areas, including:

  • Area and perimeter of compound shapes
  • Shapes (2D, angles, nets of 3D)
  • Reflection and symmetry
  • Coordinates and translation

We will be completing a significant amount of revision of number, fractions, decimals and percentages throughout the term.


Our science focus is ‘Light’ and we will be exploring:

  • How light travels from a light source 
  • How the human eye takes in light to form an image of the world around us
  • How shadows are formed and change with the movement of the light
  • How light can be bent (refracted) in different  substances


Mr Wicks will be teaching the class Computing every Wednesday afternoon. This term the class will develop their creative video editing skills. We will then use these to edit out own personal monologues.

Ways you can support your child at home

  • Every child should be reading a minimum of 20 minute a day and this can include Reading Live online
  • Spellings practise daily
  • IXL for maths and English (guidance on weekly homework sheets)

Homework notice

We will be sending more practice papers, reading comprehension packs and more home each week. Please ask your child what they are currently focusing on and ensure they complete some of their homework every night.


Key dates for the weekly timetable include:

  • Spelling test every Tuesday
  • Computing on Wednesdays
  • Spanish on Wednesdays
  • PE on Friday afternoons - this term we are doing fitness training


In geography, we will be learning about Antarctica and mapping Shackleton’s journey using coordinates, compasses and maps.

In history, we will explore the era of adventure and exploration including the ‘Race to the Poles’.

Watch our Tempest monologues (from Autumn Term) here.