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Year 4

Meet the Staff:

Class Teacher: Mr Adrian Koza

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Debbie Pearce

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We will be reading Varjak Paw to inspire our writing!


This term we will be continuing our work with place value, addition and subtraction.


Our focus this term is electricity. We will be looking at electrical safety, ways to generate electricity and how electrical appliances work.

Design Technology

Linked to our Science topic we will be design electrical circuits.


We will be learning how to create online documents using Google Docs. We'll be learning how to create pages, add links to our work and publish safely. We will also be responding to feedback using email. Look out for more information soon!


This term we will be thinking about tactics and space while playing football.


We will be looking at the impact of the Romans in Britain. In particular, how the Roman Army managed to be so successful. 


We will be looking at different painting techniques, including how to hold & use a paintbrush, how to mix powder paints
and doing a ‘wash’ – using gradients of colour.


We will be learning our numbers from 1 - 31 and the months of the year.