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Welcome to Year 3!

Meet the Staff:

Class Teacher: Sam Rogerson

Teaching Assistant: Amanda Butcher

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In English, we are reading 'A Pebble in My Pocket' by Meredith Hooper. It is an amazing book all about the history of earth, focusing on how a pebble becomes so small over its 480 million year journey!

We will first write a chronological report from the perspective of someone hiking through the mountains. Then we will write Haiku poetry about the history of the earth.

Our final piece of writing is in first person, where we will write as a pebble about our journey.


In maths this term we are focusing on place value, addition and subtraction!

We will also be completing regular fluency work to improve our arithmetic and number talks to promote a wider thinking of mathematics and work collaboratively on these ideas.

As we take part in weekly times tables battle across the school, we will need to practise using TT rockstars!


In science we are learning about light, we will explore what light is and where it comes from.

We will look at shadows and learn how they are created. We will also complete tests around light


Mr Wicks will be teaching Computing to the class every Thursday afternoon.

This term, the children will be using Lego to build a robot and then programming it to move. After completing their model, they will create a website page to record how it moves with photos and text.

Ways you can support your child at home.

 Home Learning:

Pupils in year 3 are expected to complete the following daily home learning:

- 10 minutes of IXL,

- 10 minutes of TTRockstars,

- Read to an adult for 15 minutes,

- Practice spellings at least once on EdShed,

Example class timetable

- Maths Fluency

- Register

- TTRockstars

- English

- Break

- AR Reading

- Maths

- Story

- Lunch

- Close Reading

- Wider Curriculum

- Hometime


In year 3 we have PE on Wednesdays, all pupils need to wear their correct PE kit on this day!