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Meet the staff:

Class Teacher: Chloe Coady

Early Years Practitioner: Becca Matthews

Teaching Assistant: Julie Cakebread

Within the first few weeks of term we will be settling the children into Nursery at Nightingale Primary School. We will learn the routines of the day and explore our new environment. During this time staff will observe and interact with us to build up an understanding of what we know and what we need to learn. We will be working with the children to encourage them how to ask for help and identify things to use and play with in the Nursery environment.


Our first topic this term is ‘What do you know about me?’


This topic allows the staff and children to get to know each other, what we like, dislike and what makes us unique. Children also have the opportunity to discover what they look like and 


We will also be participating within Black History Month and a Health and Self-care fortnight. 

During Health and Self-care fortnight we learn how to stay happy, healthy and safe.