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Maths at Nightingale

Maths teaching at Nightingale primary is aimed at giving our children opportunities to develop and apply the goals set forth by the national curriculum (NC). The three key aims of the NC are for children to develop their fluency, problem-solving and reasoning skills.  To achieve these aims, a consistent approach founded in research is required. 


Why do we use Maths No Problem? 

After the Department of Education reviewed several quality textbooks, Maths No Problem was until this year the only recommended and approved textbook.  We ensure that our approach avoids mechanical repetition that can often connected with any textbook approach. Maths No Problem is one of several components we utilise to allow us to deliver quality maths lessons.  Ensuring we incorporate sophisticated problems with intelligent practice in every lesson. 

The NC also strives to allow children to move through the curriculum at the same pace; however, children are expected to work at depth in a concept before moving on to new learning.  We aim to achieve this by employing a methodology that encourages not just a procedural proficiency, but rather a conceptual understanding and the flexibility to apply both to problem-solving and reason situations that are unfamiliar. 


Beyond Maths No Problem

Teachers work with senior leaders and the NCETM Maths Mastery Specialist to ensure that the quality of teaching is consistent. Alongside our Maths No Problem approach, we build in opportunities for all children to stretch their mathematical thinking and mental arithmetic even further. Across years 1 to 6, we have been introducing ‘Number Talks’, a focused approach to developing children’s mental arithmetic and confidence with applying a wider range of strategies.

We also use a range of tools and platforms to develop fluency with number, such as:

  • Times Tables Rockstars - encouraging engagement and regular practice of times tables
  • IXL - used effectively to target maths topics for homework
  • Hit The Button - online app/game that develops their times tables and number bonds


No Child Left Behind

We aim to have all our children make progress together and differentiate using a multitude of techniques, not by mathematical content. Whether our teachers use sharp questioning or move from concrete, pictorial and abstract the aim is the same: no child is left behind. We spend more time on fewer topics and focus teaching on using mathematical principles found in the NC.  We ensure all of our children are exposed to complex and rich tasks within every concept through precisely selected activities to support them at their point of learning. 


Finding out more

If you have any questions regarding maths teaching at Nightingale, please come and speak to Mr Gardner, maths lead, and he will endeavour to help.