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International Fortnight 2017

We planned to have an International Focus for the last two weeks of the summer term 2017. Our aim was to celebrate our multicultural diversity and our school’s role in the global community.

 At Nightingale, our families speak more than 38 languages, including English. In these two weeks, our children learnt a range of interesting facts about a particular chosen country in each year group. FS focused on London. Year 1 studied Spain, Year 2 the UAE, Year 3 Australia, Year 4 Brazil, Year 5 Kenya and Year 6 Japan.

We invited parents and carers to come into school during those two weeks to share something about their own country or language with their child’s class. Some parents came in to do the following:

  • Teach the class how to say hello in their language and other greetings
  • Talk about the country they come from and its culture
  • Read a story in the original language
  • Bring in a traditional costume

We had a lovely assembly where everyone in KS1 and KS2 sang multicultural songs together.

After the two weeks, we had a grand finale with our very successful …

International Food Tasting Party

 We asked everyone to bring along some traditional food from their countries. Thank you to all those families who contributed towards the most amazing display of food. It was a very special time, where the whole school community shared quality time together and enjoyed tasting delicious food prepared by us all! Thank you for celebrating our wonderful global community here at Nightingale.

We hope you enjoy looking at some photos from that afternoon.

After this great success, we are all looking forward to having an International party in 2018!

Laura Currás

MFL and EAL teacher

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