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How are we doing?

School Context

Nightingale Primary is a small, one form entry primary school that is located on the borders of Woolwich and Plumstead.



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How we assess pupils

Accurate assessment of pupils is essential to identify what your child can do and what your child needs further support with. At Nightingale, we use a variety of assessment strategies to help us to support your child. These include:

  • Making observations
  • Asking questions
  • Providing feedback, both in writing and verbally
  • Gap analysis of test results

All of this information then helps us to make an accurate teacher assessment and set challenging targets for your child.


It is our expectation that children will make good progress each year.

Teachers make assessments constantly and use these to adapt their lessons to match the needs of your children.

We also complete formal assessments of pupils at key points in the year which support our teacher assessments.

We use a pupil assessment tracker system to then input data and use this tool to interpret the data and identify any issues that we can then address to ensure all children make progress that they are capable of.

We have high expectations of all our pupils.  However, we understand that children are different and that some may make more progress and some may make less.  Our focus is always that the children, regardless of their starting point, make good progress.