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Working together to tackle extremism

Nightingale Primary School is a vibrant, multi-cultural environment.  There are over 30 languages spoken, the community is made up of families from most continents and the majority of world faiths are represented by our families.  We are proud to be a place where children of all races, faiths and backgrounds learn and play together.

The threat of extremism and radicalisation is something we take very seriously at Nightingale.  All staff have received PREVENT training which enables them to identify those at risk from extremist ideology.  Our Child Welfare Officer is the lead person for PREVENT within the school.  As a school, we record any concerns following our child protection procedures and, if necessary, we will share our concerns with the appropriate services.

But this is not enough...

We have reached out to our community to ensure there is clear partnership in tackling this threat to our children and community.  We have a four step strategy to help ensure our children grow to show respect and tolerance for all people:

  STEP ONE - Education

This is key to tackling extremism and radicalisation.  The headteacher has met with families whose children do not currently participate in religious education lessons to discuss their concerns.  The purpose of this is to stress the need to use this as an opportunity to focus on the similarities and difference between faith.  At no point do we seek to preach to or convert children; that is not our role.  Our role is to educate children to understand different faiths, how people worship and to be respectful and tolerant of differing beliefs.

Interfaith image, multiple religions

 STEP TWO - Challenge

Our role is to challenge all members of the community to see the current issue as being a problem for all of us to work on together.  The school is proud to stand with our Muslim community to support them in tackling those who cause terror in the name of Islam.  The terrorist threat is not a true reflection of Islam and we need to support our community in promoting a message of peace and challenging the views of others.  We need to ensure that all members of the community understand that extremism can come in many forms and from any faith group or ideologies.

 STEP THREE - British Values

British values have been identified by the conservative government as key to tackling extremist ideology.  Schools are required to celebrate and promote these values.  Therefore,  the values of respect, tolerance, democracy, individual liberty and the rule of law are built into the curriculum, behaviour policy and other aspects of school life.

Remembrance Day 2015

 STEP FOUR - Celebration

We ensure that we celebrate all key religious festivals such as Christmas, Eid and Diwali.  Children learn how the festivals are celebrated and the story behind them.  Sometimes, children don't sing or take part in the celebration but we do encourage them to take part in the learning.