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Year 4 (Team Rutherford)


Meet the Staff:

Class Teacher: Mr. Charlie Rutherford

Teaching Assistant: Mrs. Sadia Qureshi

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Topic: Traders and Raiders

This term we are becoming engineers. Using activities from the Dream Big project, we will be looking at problems engineers face in their everyday lives and how they creatively solve them.


This term we will be using two core texts to base our writing on. Firstly, we will use “The Story Machine” by Tom McLaughlin as inspiration and make our own picture books. Then we will be exploring “Firebird”, a traditional Russian ballet. We will be writing balanced arguments based on the events of the story.


This term we are focusing on telling time and decimals to two decimal places. Follow the link at the top of the page to practice on IXL.


This term we will be looking at how engineers solve problems and increase efficiency. Science week is also coming and to celebrate we will be completing a STEM whole class challenge. Using recycled materials, we will be creating our own marble runs that meet certain specifications.


  • Science: the forces we can observe.
  • Technology: How we can record and track data.
  • Engineering: Creating our own marble run using recycled materials.
  • Mathematics: Generating averages based on our data.


This term we will be focusing on Hinduism. Here is this term's checklist.

  • Do we understand that there are different Hindu Gods who serve different spiritual beliefs?
  • Do we understand how Rama and Krishna help Hindus understand God?
  • Do we understand the Trimurti and what it represents?
  • Can we retell the story of the birth of Krishna?
  • Do we understand the concept of the 4 ashramas?
  • Do we have an understanding of the Hindu belief of the universe and the endless cycle of creation, preservation and destruction?


We will be learning how to create music using We'll be learning how to use loops, drum machines and virtual instruments to create music for a theme. Look out for more information soon!


This term is all about gymnastics. We will be learning how to effectively roll and practicing our balancing skills.


History and Geography:

We will be looking at the lives of Anglo Saxons in England. What kind of technology did they use? How are their lives similar to ours? We will also be using map symbols to mark key areas and trade routes.


This term we will be learning about how we can celebrate each other's differences in four sessions based on the film “FREE” from the Stonewall Charity.